We’re guessing that not very many older adults read “Cosmo.” But the folks over at Cosmopolitan headquarters have an important message for aging women, and they’re not alone.

Women’s Health just featured an article called “The Good Wrinkle,” which focuses on celebrating aging skin (rather than trying to correct it). Good Housekeeping routinely shares a “50 over 50” list that highlights women over the age of fifty who are doing amazing things in the world. And Cosmo just updated their #Fearless campaign to include #Ageless, reflecting the insight that age is truly just a number.

“As women, we spend way too much time thinking and talking about our age,” wrote Michele Promaulayko (Editor-in-Chief) in the April 2018 issue. “For decades, Cosmo has been encouraging women to be fun and fearless. Now, I’m adding ageless to that list of embraceable traits.”

It’s an idea that makes a lot of intuitive sense. “After all,” Promaulayko explains, “age is less of a limiting factor than it’s ever been. There are teenage business owners and yoga instructors in their 70s.” At Seventy Five State Street, we have residents who are well over the age of 90 and still living incredible, full lives- including driving, gardening, and attending exercise groups!

What does #ageless mean to you? To us, it means that no number will stand in the way of a full and active lifestyle.

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