Questions & Answers

A selection of frequently asked questions
Is there a waiting list?

Currently there is a short waiting list for certain private pay unit types. There is a long 2+ year waiting list for MaineCare units. Please contact Lauren Webster, Marketing and Admissions Director, or (207) 775-7775 for current availability.


Do you accept MaineCare?

Yes. We accept MaineCare in assisted living. MaineCare openings are based on availability and cannot be guaranteed, currently there is a 2+ year waiting list for MaineCare units. Residents must meet financial and health care guidelines set forth by DHHS to qualify for MaineCare.

Are nurses available 24 hours per day?
Yes, there are licensed nurses here 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.
Is there a nursing home at Seventy Five State Street?

No, we offer Independent and Assisted Living only. However, we do have good working relationships with all area nursing homes and will assist our residents and their families in finding a nursing home if needed.

When will a resident have to move from Seventy Five State Street?

We evaluate resident care needs routinely . We review needs in meetings with the resident, family, and staff. Together, we make plans to address changing care needs. When we can no longer meet care needs, we begin the process of finding alternative placement with the resident and/or their family.

Why would someone NOT be accepted as a resident at Seventy Five State Street?

While we offer a comprehensive service community, it is not the right setting for everyone. We assist all applicants in making an informed choice about moving to Seventy Five State Street. Working together through the admission process, we will determine our ability to meet the applicant’s needs.

How is the food?

Most residents tell us that the meals are excellent, offering many choices. We make every attempt to serve quality meals that are appetizing and appealing to the widest variety of tastes. Our menus change daily and seasonally, with two featured meal choices as well as hot and cold alternatives for dinner and supper.

Quarterly meetings are held with residents and food service staff. We also provide comment cards at each table for you to provide feedback about meals and service. An experienced Executive Chef purchases our high quality food from local vendors and oversees meal preparation.

See our Dining page for more information.

What is the average age of residents?

Ages range from 60’s to centenarians, but rememeber, attitude is everything and age is just a number!

What is the ratio of men to women?
We are above the national average with about 30% men and 70% women in the current population.
What are the staffing patterns like?

Staffing patterns reflect the care needs of the population served. For example, assisted living requires more staff than the independent program. We take great pride in having turnover rates that are amongst the lowest in our industry. We do not use Agency Nursing Staff. Further information is available upon request.

Is there a lease or buy-in?
No. We have found that our customers prefer the month-to-month rental option and the ability to maintain management of their funds.
What is the price range?
Current prices are listed here.
How soon could we move in?
The admission process is quite simple. Within 48 hours of completing an application, submitting a history and physical and participating in an informal admissions meeting we are able to determine eligibility. If there is a unit available, you could move in that day!
Is there parking for residents or their guests?

Yes. Residents who bring their car and are still driving are receive an assigned parking spot. Guests can choose between three different parking lots, two on Gray St. and a third on Danforth. You can also find on-street parking on the surrounding block.

Are pets allowed?
Yes. Residents must care for their own pets. A detailed policy is available upon request.

Do you have other questions about Seventy Five State Street? Give us a call at 207-772-2675!